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If you remember I promised to tell you all about my rendez-vous beauté, bien-être in Cap 3000. Well this special day (a couple of hours really) took place on Monday.

Here are the Before/After the make-up session pics:

 Before pic

 After pictureBefore (left)

                                                                                                          After (right)

Thanks to Nicolas Calluaud for the pictures. Can you tell the difference? I really liked what the make-up artist did to my eyes with a lot of eye shadow in dark and light brown, and black eyeliner.

Now that you have seen the pics, let me tell you about the rest of the day. The color analyst  confirmed that my colors are cold colors: blue, purple but also green, and that silver worked better for me than gold. The stylist, Louis Boheme, explained to me that I was an inverted triangle with a rectangle tendancy. That didn’t speak too much to me until he said that Madonna was the same body type. Thanks Louis, you made my day!

I also had my first chair massage , with a shiatsu technique using pressure points. It’s still isn’t my favorite massage but it did me a lot of good (and I nearly fell asleep!). As for my haircut… well… I knew it wasn’t great but I really wanted to try and let it grow. When I was told that it made all my imperfections stand out (I must say the hair stylist  was bluntly honest with me) I decided that maybe short was better. I have booked an appointment for tomorrow…

“Le rendez-vous beauté, bien-être” is still on in Cap 3000 until the 29th. La suite en  français Read the rest of this entry »


I must admit that I have never been a big fan of Mango. Although the ads always look great I have never found anything until this summer. I went shopping with a friend, a Mango addict who works in Fashion and I discovered the real Mango: nice, well cuts basics, tons of accessories and funky prints.

I stopped by the Mango shop in Cap 3000 on Friday and loved the collection, especially the Paris Limited Edition but also the Cruz sisters one.

Best of:

Mango best of

Je dois reconnaitre que je ne suis pas une inconditionnelle de Mango . En fait je n’ai commencé a apprécier cette marque que recemment. Je suis allée faire du shopping a Cannes (rue d’Antibes bien sur) cet été avec une amie dans la Mode et Mango addict; j’ai enfin compris pourquoi tout le monde va un jour ou l’autre chez Mango: des petits basiques bien coupés, des tonnes d’accessoires, et des imprimés funky.

 Je suis passée au magasin de Cap 3000  vendredi et j’ai adoré la collection; en particulier les éditions limitées “Paris” et celle des sœurs Cruz. (Voir plus haut ma sélection…).

 Girl on the wall

Moshi Moshi is an informal Japanese greeting when answering the phone, it is also a “salon de thé” located 4, rue Défly in Nice.  You go to the Moshi Moshi or for its “pâtisseries” or for its Manga decor. moshi moshi couleur dessertIn any case it’s worth making a stop and enjoying a cup of tea with a Couleur Moshi Moshi (a delicious chocolate fondant with a fudge sauce,with Mikado cookies and Tagada candies). Moshi Moshi is open every afternoon from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

If you are still hungry you can make another stop Place Garibaldi at Le Petit Gari (see post), on the way you can visit the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art better known as Le MAMAC, or if you feel like shopping try the new boutique-appartment “Les Eaux de Mars” 11 rue Défly.

Moshi Moshi cela veut dire Allo en Japonais mais c’est aussi et surtout un “salon de thé” situe au 4, rue Défly à Nice.  On va au Moshi Moshi pour ses “pâtisseries” ou pour son décor Kawaii (ou pour les deux). Dans les deux cas il fait bon s’y arreter pour boire une tasse de thé et déguster un Couleur Moshi Moshi (délicieux fondant au chocolat à la sauce caramel agrementé de Mikados au chocolat noir et de fraises Tagada). Le Moshi Moshi  est ouvert tous les apres-midi de 13h00 à 20h00.

Si vous avez encore faim, vous pouvez aller jusqu’à la Place Garibaldi manger au Petit Gari (voir l’article), sur le chemin vous trouverez le Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain plus connu sous le nom du MAMAC, , ou si vous avez envie de faire du shopping pourquoi ne pas découvrir des créateurs italiens dans le nouvel appartement-boutique “Les Eaux de Mars” au 11 rue Défly.

To know more about, click here, pour en savoir plus sur cliquez ici

First let me tell you the truth, I am not a mall rat and Cap 3000  is not my favourite place to shop. However I must say that there are some good reasons to go there: you can park! I know it’s not a very good reason but parking in Nice is a nightmare those days with the tramway (i saw a test drive today, it’s impressive), there is a Lafayette Gourmet Shop (yummy), and very soon there will be an H&M store as well.

I wanted to talk to you about “Le rendez-vous beauté, bien-être” that will take place in Cap 3000 from September 20th tp the 29th. For 50 euros and with a booking that needs to be made in advance (call 06 20 54 02 38), you will be in the hands of professionals who will: 1. give you a massage to relax you, 2. give you a personality test to know you better, 3. perform a color study of what works best for you, 4. then a morpho-psychology analysis for a hair makeover, 5. relook you by giving you advice on what best suits you , 6. give you make up tips and finally 7.1 take a professional picture of you  in a studio.

Too good to be true?Before After

I must say I am curious to know what they will find and tell me about myself. I plan to do a Before/After picture.I am going to call them tomorrow to make a reservation. What about you? (French version below) Read the rest of this entry »

Port CantoThe Cannes International Boat Show is taking place in Cannes at the Vieux Port de Cannes & Port Pierre Canto from September 12th to 17th. The Festival is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and has become the largest European salon in water: with 625 boats and yachts in water, 250 on land and over two hundreds new models premiering.

Whether you are looking for a yacht to buy or you just love boats, stop by to have a look at the gorgeous yachts that will be on display. One of the novelties you will be able to see is the brand new and very sleek Mangusta 165’ open; it is said to be the largest open yacht in the World.

Mangusta 165

Not to Miss: the World Yachts Trophies will take place on Saturday 15 September at the Carlton Beach and will propose a show of the most beautiful yachts in the world. The yachts will go out from the Old Port from 9:30 pm and will sail along the Cannes Croisette.

If after seeing all these yachts, you feel like chartering one for a week-end or holidays, contact  and we will find the boat of your dreams.

Update Jan ’08: Next International Boat Show will take place in Cannes on Septembre 10th to 15th 2008 (In French below) Read the rest of this entry »

 Fondation maeght

Before you reach the charming village of Saint Paul-De-Vence you will find a sign for La Fondation Maeght on your left. Follow the sign and you will find a large parking area, la Fondation is on top of a small hill.

La Fondation is not only a museum, it’s a beautiful place with gorgeous gardens adorned with monumental sculptures. If you are like me and don’t like spending too much time in a museum it’s perfect. Take a walk in the gardens, stop by the chapel with the stained glass window from Braque, have a look at the Giacometti sculptures, send a coin or two for good luck in one of the fountains. Then if you feel like it you can visit the permanent expo; the Chagall paintings are gorgeous. There is also a 1947-2007 Barcelone expo that will end on November 4th. 

One thing to note the place is definitely kid friendly; there is even a cafeteria where you can stop for a drink or a snack unless you want to make the short drive to Saint Paul and have lunch at one of the many restaurants and cafés. (in French below)… Read the rest of this entry »

les bracelets de Vanessa

Vanessa Mardirossian is a French textile designer who creates original prints. She worked with famous names such as Kenzo. You can see her work at boutique Anisette (11 rue de Paris, Nice) where she keeps on developing new designs and prints. My favourites are the bracelets: they are made either in silk or in imitation suede, can circle the wrist 2 or 3 times and are customizable. Next time you shop at H&M Nice walk a little further down the rue de Paris and make a stop at Anisette, I bet that you will not leave the shop empty-handed.

Vanessa Mardirossian est une créatrice de textiles et d’impressions originales. Elle a travaille avec les plus grands noms comme Kenzo. Elle est maintenant installée dans la boutique Anisette (au 11 rue de Paris à Nice) et continue à créer des impressions uniques. Ses bracelets en particulier sont magnifiques: en soie ou en suédine, 2 tours ou 3 tours autour du poignet, à customiser ou pas. Alors le prochaine fois que vous faites du shopping à H&M Nice continuez un peu plus loin sur la rue de Paris et arrêtez vous à Anisette , je parie que vous ne ressortirez pas de la boutique les mains vides.


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