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Cannes Film Festival 2009
It’s been a while since I have written a new entry in this blog, I have no excuses apart from being busy. And the Cannes Film Festival being just around the corner will not improve chance of me having more free time. Speaking of the Cannes Film Festival, I have been interviewed by the movie magazine Variety for tips to traveling in Style in Cannes.

Je me rends compte que j’ai délaissé mon blog sans avoir de meilleures excuses que d’avoir été trop occuppée. Et le Festival de Cannes approchant à grands pas mon temps libre est désespérément compté. En parlant du Festival de Cannes, j’ai récemment été interviewée par le magazine Variety qui me demandait des conseils de shopping pour le voyageur pendant le Festival.

I thought you may enjoy reading some the answers and maybe discover some addresses that I have shared with them. The full article by Monica Corcoran is here for some extra reading and information.

Je me suis dit que je partagerais avec vous les adresses et réponses que je leur ai donné. Si vous voulez lire l’intégralité de l’artticle de Monica Corcoranc’est ici que ça se passe. Désolée pour mes lecteurs franco-français il n’y pas de version VF.

Name a secret place that a tourist would never find.
“I like Private Room, a small luxury lingerie store at 5 rue Tony Allard with a wonderful collection of exclusive ‘dessous.’ The shop owner designed the boutique like a boudoir with your very own private room on the top floor. There are exclusive brands like Carine Gilson, Nuits de Satin and Strumpet & Pink.”

What’s the best local delicacy to bring home as a gift?
“Canned olive oils are a favorite treat for bringing back a taste of Provence, and they’re easy to carry. For modern packaging and savory oils, try Oliviers & Co at 4 rue Mace.” (Be sure to check out tapenades by local chefs, such as Alain Lorca’s green olive and pistachio variety.)

How about a local tipple? 
“Head to Cave Croisette at 151 rue D’Antibes for a large selection of wine and try a local one made with oranges called ‘le vin d’orange.’ It make a great aperitif.” (Seek out the young sommelier Giovanna Rapala and the offerings by local vintners.)

Which shop in Cannes has the best linens and pottery?
“For bed, bath and table linen, check out Ahimsa at 148 rue d’Antibes — they sell the collection of Mia Zia, which is modern and fresh linen made with traditional techniques and materials. The embroidery is absolutely gorgeous. Descamps (111 rue d’Antibes), a French brand, also offers high-quality contemporary linen. Two doors away, Sia is great for chic table decoration and pottery.”

How about the best stores to shop for kids?
“On the lower- to midrange, I like Le Phare de La Baleine (133 rue d’Antibes) for its French touch. On the higher range, head to IKKS at 71 rue d’Antibes for trendy kids clothes or to Sonia Rykiel at 52 la Croisette, which designs absolutely wonderful clothes for little girls.”

“On the high end, I like Jacques Loup (21 rue d’Antibes) for its large selection of designer shoes, the efficiency of its salespeople and the overall luxurious feel of the place. Tiny and always crowded Mercedeh Shoes at 130 rue d’Antibes sells gorgeous, French Riviera-style shoes and designer labels.” (Don’t miss the Mercedeh kids shoes shop a few doors down.)

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